Everything began three decades ago in Onil, current location of the company, a city in southwestern Spain and very close to Castalla (Alicante). It was there, where a family of toymakers launched their great dream, to make dreams come true in the shape of dolls. José Antonio Arias’ fabulous idea is kept alive, thanks to the tenacity of his children to perpetuate something that is more than a profession, a tradition.

This fantasy world has been continuously growing, until it has created a whole world of our own brand toys or manufactured them for specialty shops.
And like all dreams, this one doesn’t know boundaries, aiming to reach all corners of the world.



The manufacturing process is pampered with great care. From the design of each component, to the selection of the materials used in the clothing, through the stages of production. All for a unique, exclusive and handmade result. In additon to being aesthetically beautiful, these dolls meet the strictest EU regulations.



MUÑECAS ARIAS has spent years devoted to making dolls that inspire children, as they know how important this type of toy plays in their emotional development. We know that a doll is more than a simple toy, it helps encourage such noble emotions as affection, language, responsibility, order and above all, the imagination. For this, we like to say that we are not toy manufacturers, we are a dream factory.